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Character bios! CRAZY!

Name (romaji):: Haneko Kikuchi
Born:: 1984
Height:: 5'0"
Favorite subject:: History
Favorite anime:: Magic Knight Rayearth
Hobby:: Reading non-fiction
Club assignment:: Vice-president/Voice actress

Name (romaji):: Jiiro Kikuchi
Born:: 1983
Height::: 5'7"
Favorite subject:: Music
Favorite anime:: Cowboy Bebop
Hobby:: Composing music, video games
Club assignment:: Music director

Name (romaji):: Misa Tenjin
Born:: 1984
Height:: 5'1"
Favorite subject:: P.E.
Favorite anime:: Dragon Ball Z
Hobby:: Track and field
Club assignment:: Studio manager, Voice actress

Name (romaji):: Takuya Okubo
Born:: 1984
Height:: 5'5.5"
Favorite subject:: Computer Science
Favorite anime:: Robotech
Hobby:: Video games
Club assignment:: Technical director

Name (romaji):: Sumire Hosuda
Born:: 1984
Height:: 5.2"
Favorite subject:: Creative Writing
Favorite anime:: Vampire Princess Miyu
Hobby:: Divination
Club assignment:: Writer/Director

Name (romaji):: Akio Shiozawa
Born:: 1983
Height:: 5'8.5"
Favorite sunject:: P.E.
Favorite anime:: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Hobby:: Video games
Club assignment:: Voice actor

Name (romaji):: Matsue Tokumitsu
Born:: 1983
Height:: 5'4"
Favorite subject:: English class
Favorite anime:: Furi Kuri
Hobby:: Singing, anything fun
Club assignment:: Voice actress, musician

Name (romaji):: Tami Urawa
Born:: 1983
Height:: 5'1.5"
Favorite subject:: P.E.
Favorite anime:: Fruits Basket
Hobby:: Photography
Club assignment:: President, voice actress

Name:: ???
Born:: ???
Height::: 5'10"

Name:: ???
Born:: ???
Height:: 4'11"

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